His is a face that does not work with a beard. It just looks kind of awkward. Not like Hoechlin, whose face is basically the ideal template for a good beard. May it never go away.

Hoechlin has a fantastic beard. I don’t know if he trims it or if it just comes out that beautiful. Dylan can pull off scruff. It’s just the beard he’s rocking now looks like patches growing in. Very thin and very small patches. I’m guess he’s enjoying his hiatus and promoting maze runner so he’s like eff it.

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Artist: Eden's Crush
Track: Get Over Yourself (Goodbye)
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Eden’s Crush | Get Over Yourself (Goodbye) (2001)

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I need Dylan to fix his beard. 


last night i dreamed that scientists used a really bad picture of me to prove humans are closely related to goats and i was so insulted i woke up

Mercedes Jones in Every Episode
∟2.05 “The Rocky Horror Glee Show”

Mr. Schue? I’d like to play Frank-N-Furter. I was rereading the script yesterday, and it said “Don’t Dream It, Be It. ” And it’s my dream to play a lead role, so I figure, why not me? I mean, I’d be all kind of crazy sexy in that outfit. And I can reinterpret the number a little bit make it more modern. I’d really like the chance, Mr. Schue.
"It was surprising and disheartening, in Lori’s case especially. I feel like the infidelity turned a lot of people against her from very early on, so whatever she did from that point on was suspect and made people dislike her. As writers, we felt that the infidelity was fairly justified. It was the end of the world, she thought Rick had died, Shane lied to her a little bit and let her believe that more than she should have. I always viewed her as more of a victim than anything else in that situation. It’s odd sometimes to see how the audience perceives certain things. It’s something we’re certainly trying to be mindful of more in the writers’ room, how female characters interact with male characters, and what the potential for the audience is to misinterpret things the female characters are doing. It’s a pretty big danger in television writing. You look at Skyler in Breaking Bad and you think, No, guys. She was the one who was right. I understand that the show is trying to get you behind Walt, but it’s not supposed to get you so behind him that you hate everyone who disagrees with him."
- Robert Kirkman, ‘Does it surprise you how vilified Lori and Andrea were? Is that something you’re mindful of as you write for and create new female characters?’ [x]

I don’t want to remake this list. This is why I should save all my stuff to my computer instead of writing it out.

1. I have not forgotten about the make me choose meme. I picked up some more shifts at work and haven’t really been on my home computer. I do have the next two days off so, after freeing my mind at the rink, I will continue filling those requests.

2. I’m going to change the “countdown to 100” glee meme that I was doing to “countdown to the series finale” and will be starting it up again.